Audio Creation

We can engineer and record artists at a live performance on multi track digital equipment.

If required we can edit, mix and produce a final product to CD or Mp3.

We can arrange mastering printing and pressing for distribution.

We can facilitate every aspect of your brand’s or bands audio campaign, from concept to execution.


Our creative team of writers, musicians and engineers can produce material of the highest musical and creative quality.

Great for Shopping Centres, Radio and Business Presentations. Our audio is customised to your specific requirements as a one off or regular adjustable body of work. Spot reads, Sonic Logos, Background audio for Powerpoint.


Anything to Audio CD – From –  ADAT, DAT, VIDEO, CASSETTE,  MP3, PHONE or other device.


Live band/artist demos are also able to be created at your next gig.

If you would like to just record one song  or a 10 track demo to procure work,  Zenith offers a great rate  to suit most any budget.